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27 June, 2014 19:42   ▪  

EU delays sanctions against Russia until June 30

EU leaders claim that new sanctions against Russia could be passed anytime, the European Council says in its conclusions on Ukraine passed at the session in Brussels today

The European Council would like to remind that the European Commission, the Foreign Affairs Council and member-states have conducted preparatory work on important measures as requested in March, so further steps can be taken without further delay, the conclusions say.   

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The document lists steps to be taken by June 30. These include agreement on a verification mechanism monitored by the OSCE, for the ceasefire and for the effective control of the border (Izvaryne, Dovzhanskyi, Krasnopartyzansk); release of hostages including all of the OSCE observers; and launch of substantial negotiations on the implementation of President Poroshenko’s peace plan.

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“The Council will assess the situation and, should it be required, adopt necessary decisions,” the conclusions say. “The European Council underlines its commitment to reconvene at any time for further significant restrictive measures.”

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According to earlier reports, the EU could have imposed sanctions on Russia if it failed to respond to President Poroshenko’s peace plan by Friday.  


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