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20 June, 2014 14:37   ▪  

New NBU Chair sells her share in the ICU group

Valeria Hontareva, the newly-appointed Chairperson of the National Bank of Ukraine, resigns from the position of Board Chair at the Investment Capital Ukraine company and sells her stake in the group, its press service reports

“Hontareva has resigned from the position of Board Chair at ICU and sold her share in the group,” the note says.

After this, the company’s shareholders and managing partners are Makar Paseniuk and Kostiantyn Stetsenko, as well as the company’s managers.

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Hontareva served as ICU Board Chairperson since 2007.

Under her management, the ICU grew into the biggest asset manager for public funds in Ukraine, the biggest trader in securities and the leader in investment banking.

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On June 19, the Parliament voted to appoint Valeria Hontareva as the Chairperson of the National Bank of Ukraine, per recommendation of President Poroshenko. 349 MPs supported her candidacy.

On June 19, the newly-appointed NBU Chair showed her income declaration whereby she received UAH 3.8mn of income in 2013, including over UAH 1mn as salary. 

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