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15 June, 2014 00:58   ▪  

Acting Foreign Minister says diplomatic relations with Russia could be suspended

Andriy Deshchytsia, Ukraine’s Acting Foreign Minister, was at negotiations at the Russian Embassy today. He says Ukraine could suspend diplomatic relations with Russia, but does not specify when that could happen

Mr. Deshchytsia said that he showed up at the Russian Embassy to prevent the storming of the building by protesters who gathered around it to protest against Russia’s policy towards Ukraine today.

“We have seen the official statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry on today’s events near the Russian Embassy, but we have not received the note yet,” Mr. Deshchytsia said. “In turn, we have sent a letter of protest to the Russian Federation regarding the supply of weapons to separatists by Russia. In fact, what happened near the Embassy today is a protest against Russia’s supplying of militants with weapons and sending them to Ukraine from its territory.”

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He also said that Ukraine could subsequently suspend diplomatic relations with Russia but did not specify when that could happen.

According to earlier reports, Russian diplomats indent to leave Ukrainian territory. As of 11 p.m. on June 14, negotiations had ended between the protesters, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister and representatives of the Russian Embassy. Based on the talks, one Russian diplomat is staying there for another day, then leave the territory of Ukraine as activists demand. Another demand of the activists was for Ukraine to suspend diplomatic relations with Russia. As of the abovementioned hour, around 1,000 protesters were near the Russian Embassy in Kyiv. 

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