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10 June, 2014 18:52   ▪  

Naftogaz: gas transit system and underground storage facilities will remain state-owned

The reform of Naftogaz does not entail a transfer of property rights for Ukraine’s gas transit system or its underground gas storage facilities, Naftogaz’s press-service reports

According to the reports, the establishment of new operators for Ukraine’s gas transit system and underground storage facilities (12 underground storage facilities with the total active capacity of 31bn cu m; are part of Ukraine’s system supplying gas to Ukraine and transiting it abroad) will allow Ukraine to involve European partners in running its gas transit facilities.

“The transfer of property rights for the gas transit system or the underground gas storage facilities is not entailed by the draft reform of Naftogaz,” the company’s press-service notes.

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It also states that the proposal to establish new operators on the market is part of the complex reform in Ukraine’s oil and gas sector; it also meets the Third Energy Package requirements.  

“New operators will not affect Naftogaz’s net asset value or its ability to serve its current external obligations,” Naftogaz’s press-service reports.



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