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4 June, 2014 20:57   ▪  

Poroshenko will offer a peaceful solution for Ukraine during inauguration

Petro Poroshenko, the winner of the presidential race in Ukraine, will present the plan for peaceful solution for the Ukrainian crisis during his inauguration, he said at a briefing on his visit to Warsaw

Poroshenko said that he is in the process of negotiations with the EU, Canada and the US on the plan.

“We continued to discuss details of the peaceful plan today, and I, as Ukrainian President, will have the opportunity to present this plan to Ukraine during my inauguration,” he said.

He did not reveal details of the plan, including the option of imposing martial law, and explained that the process of the plan development continues. It will be finalized this Friday in Normandy where his next meetings with the top officials of the leading countries will take place.

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Meanwhile, Poroshenko noted that his peaceful solution for Ukraine envisages decentralization following the Polish model.

“This will be a totally firm proposal of decentralization, and this decentralization is based on the Polish model. The Poles and the EU are prepared to support us in implementing this model of decentralization that delegates real powers to local governments, and this will be very timely for our colleagues from the East, namely Donetsk and Luhansk,” Poroshenko stressed out.

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He also mentioned an intention to apply extensive amnesty and a series of other moves that will allow him to launch and ensure a peaceful process.

Poroshenko mentioned that, during his meeting with US President Barack Obama in Warsaw today, they agreed on deepening military cooperation between the US and Ukraine and provision of non-lethal military aid to Ukraine by the US. 

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