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4 June, 2014 20:31   ▪  

Ukraine repays USD 1bn of public debt

On June 3, Ukraine reimbursed USD 1bn-worth of Eurobonds issued in 2012 in full and timely manner, the Ministry of Finance reports

“The total amount of the payment was USD 1,039.75mn. The mentioned expenditures to reimburse and service the public debt are envisaged in the Law On the 2014 State Budget,” the report says.

Ukraine placed the Eurobonds in August 2012 under the framework of partial refinancing of the loan from the Russian VTB bank.

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The annual interest rate was 7.95%. Coupon payments were made semiannually, on December 4 and June 4.

According to the Ministry of Finance, Ukraine’s external debt was USD 27.795bn as of April 30. 

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