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3 June, 2014 00:54   ▪  

State Border Service: snipers shooting at Ukrainian border guards in Luhansk

The militants that surrounded the border guard checkpoint have seized fire but their snipers keep shooting, the State Border Service PR department reports

At night on June 2, nearly 500 terrorists attacked the Luhansk Border Unit office.

The militants use mortars, grenade launchers and machine guns. They also shoot at Ukrainian troops from residential districts, apartments and roofs, while using civilians as a human shield.

“The militants have indeed seized intense fire but their snipers keep shooting at the positions of our soldiers from time to time,” the State Border Service commented.

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Earlier, media coordinator for the anti-terrorist operation, Vladyslav Selezniov, said that the fight between the border guards and terrorists seized in Luhansk. According to him, a special purpose unit was sent to help the border guards blocked by the terrorists. The State Border Service denied the fact that the help arrived. “Our guys did all they could on their own,” its representative commented. “As to the unit sent for support, it could have been working along the external perimeter: the connection with the border guards who were attacked is pretty bad.”   

According to the State Border Service, aviation was not used tonight at the spots where the fight took place. It did not have an accurate answer on the number of victims among border guards or the militants.

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According to Dmytro Tymchuk, head of the Military Political Research center, five terrorists were killed, eight injured.

For the Ukrainian border guards, he said seven were injured, three of them severely.

The State Border Service reports that the connection with the border guards is barely available.

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