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22 May, 2014 19:18   ▪  

Ukraine requests urgent UN Security Council meeting

Ukrainian authorities have requested the UN to call the Security Council meeting on the situation in Ukraine, Premier Arseniy Yatseniuk says

We request our partners at the UN Security Council to urgently call the UN Security Council meeting. We will present evidence of the fact that attempts at conflict escalation, bloodshed, takeover of Ukrainian border checkpoints and disruption of the presidential election are coming from the Russian side,” he told journalists in Kyiv Oblast.  

Yatseniuk noted that terrorists from Russia made their fourth attempt to break through the state border of Ukraine at night on May 22.

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“It was from the Russian side that three KamAZ trucks escorted by the Niva car tried to cross the Ukrainian border. Ukrainian border guards fought off the attempt and called on the Russian border service to urgently ensure compliance on the Russian side,” he said.

Yatseniuk also noted that Russia is not fulfilling its promises to withdraw its military from the Ukrainian borders.

“I believe that Russia’s statements on withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian border are bluffing since, even if the troops are moving away, armed terrorists are still taking attempts to break through the state border of Ukraine with the support of the Russian government. These terrorists are trained on the Russian territory,” the Premier said.


He stressed out that Ukraine’s law enforcers and Security Service (SBU) have undeniable evidence of the fact that diversionists and terrorists are trained in military centers in Russia and act in Ukraine after that.

On March 15, the UN Security Council failed to pass a resolution on the solution of the crisis in Ukraine. It was supported by 13 states, while Russia vetoed it and China abstained. 

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