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19 May, 2014 18:45   ▪  

Interior Ministry: 32 people died of chloroform at the Odesa Labour Unions Building

Chloroform was found at the Labour Unions Building in Odesa where over 40 people died on May 2, Vitaliy Sakal, Head of the Interior Ministry’s Investigation Headquarters said today

Chloroform had been in the building for several days before May 2, he noted. Investigators are now trying to find out where it had come from, Sakal claimed.

“The debris and soot taken from the Labour Unions Building contained the substance called chloroform. It is well-known to everyone: it is used in surgery, but we are now trying to find out where it had come from to the Labour Unions Building,” Sakal said.

“When inhaled, chloroform fumes lead to the suspension of breathing, which is exactly what happened here. 32 people died (on May 2 in Odesa – Ed.) as a result of the influence of the unknown substance (containing chloroform – Ed.) which had caused cardiac arrest and suffocation, not as a result of the fire,” Sakal noted.

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According to experts, long contact with air transforms chloroform into dangerous substance. Inhaling it even when not heated causes irrevocable damage to human health, Sakal explained.

Sakal said that Ukrainian police requested the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine to provide qualified experts who could help Ukrainian specialists hold thorough examination.

On May 2, 48 people died in clashes in Odesa.

On May 4, the police released pro-Russian activists detained earlier. This was done during the storming of the local police department by pro-Russian activists.

Later, Prosecutor General Oleh Makhnitskyi said that the local police had de facto been involved in the crimes committed in Odesa by separatists.

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