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9 May, 2014 16:55   ▪  

Interior Minister: 20 terrorists killed in Mariupol, 4 detained

Nearly 20 terrorists were killed and 4 detained during the shooting between Ukrainian police and military and separatists, Arsen Avakov, Ukraine’s Interior Minister, wrote on his Facebook page. Ukrainian law enforcers have lost 1 man, 5 wounded

“A group of terrorists, around 60 people armed with machine guns, attacked the city police department. They attempted to take over the building without any prior demands. A clash took place inside the building. It escalated into a full-fledged armed conflict as support [to Ukrainian police] of the interior troops and Omega unit of the National Guard arrived. As a result of the fight that involved National Guard units, interior troops, and Azov special police unit, a big part of the terrorist group was destroyed,” Avakov wrote.  

He noted that nearly 20 terrorists were killed, 4 captured. Many attackers left their weapons and escaped, hiding in the city residential districts.  

“Our losses are one man killed and 5 wounded. Losses in the military personnel are being verified. The city police department building is in flames,” Avakov wrote.

According to the Interior Minister, the support to the Ukrainian law enforcers arrived from other regions. He wrote that the stance regarding armed terrorists will be unchanged: “shoot to kill”.

"...Those who have come with arms, shooting, taking people hostage, torturing them, robbing people under the cover of various slogans, will face the only answer from the Ukrainian state: destruction,” Avakov wrote.

On May 9, separatists resumed active actions in Mariupol, Donestk Oblast. Shooting began.

A fire started in the local police department building.

According to other reports, separatists have started to build barricades on central streets. 

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