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10 April, 2014 12:45   ▪  

The UK, Poland and Sweden propose to set up a civilian mission to Ukraine

The UK, Poland and Sweden propose that a European Union civilian mission is set up to help Ukraine improve its justice system. BBC reports according to the leaked joint paper of the three countries

In a leaked joint paper the three countries argue that "re-establishing confidence in the rule of law in Ukraine will be vital for future stability."

The idea is due to be discussed by ambassadors to the EU in Brussels on Monday afternoon, according to the information of BBC.

Those same ambassadors will also be presented with their biggest dilemma over the whole Ukraine crisis: how to respond if Russia were to invade eastern Ukraine?

Most seriously of all, how much pain would Europe be willing to endure as a result of any Russian retaliation to further sanctions?

The UK, Poland and Sweden suggest that their proposed mission would be set up under the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy. It would see experts in law and order deployed to Ukraine "monitoring, mentoring and advising" officials in both central and regional government.

The European Commission has also announced that a "support group", similar to the task forces put in place to help Greece and Cyprus through their financial crises, is to be set up.

It will be made up of staff from countries in the EU with specific expertise. They will provide technical help to officials in Kiev - and will focus on reforming the political and economic systems in the country.

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