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20 February, 2014 22:53   ▪  

The Verkhovna Rada votes for resolution to stop the use of force in downtown Kyiv

MPs pass a resolution to stop the use force by the police in downtown Kyiv, The Ukrainian Week’s journalist reports from Parliament

The resolution passed by MPs minutes ago mandates that law enforcers seize fire. Interior troops have to return to their permanent dislocation bases. The resolution also bans the use of arms, the blocking of transport communications, restrictions of traffic and more.

The Cabinet of Ministers and government bodies are ordered to ban the Interior Ministry fulfill the programme of anti-terrorist measures. The resolution also says that the Verkhovna Rada is the only authority that can impose the state of emergency. MPs do not see any reasons for imposing it.

MPs stood all through the voting. 236 MPs supported the resolution. Then, they sang the national anthem.

A 10-minute break followed. It is now over. According to Deputy Speaker Ruslan Koshulynskyi, Speaker Volodymyr Rybak has to sign the resolution, then MPs intend to take the resolution to President Yanukovych to sign it. According to the protocol, acts passed by the Parliament come into effect once signed by the Verkhovna Rada Speaker and President. Rybak said he would be in Parliament shortly but has not arrived yet. MPs are waiting.

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