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20 February, 2014 18:29   ▪  

Putin sends his mediator to Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to send Vladimir Lukin, the Human Rights Commissioner of Russia, with a mediation mission to Ukraine, Putin’s press secretary Dmitri Peskov reports

“President Putin spoke on the phone with President Yanukovych upon the initiative of the Ukrainian side. During the conversation, Ukrainian President offered the Russian President to send a Russian representative to Kyiv as a mediator in the talks with the opposition,” Peskov said.

“Putin decided to send Vladimir Lukin, the Human Rights Commissioner, for this mission,” Peskov added. “Mr. Lukin has extensive experience in diplomatic service, respect from human rights advocates and used to head a big opposition party.”

Today, Yanukovych had talks with Foreign Ministers of Poland, France and Germany. “There is a chance of a compromise with regard to shortening the term of service for the president and parliament, drafting of a new constitution within the next few months and the establishment of a new government of Ukraine within the next few days,” a Polish news agency quotes its diplomatic source based on the outcome of the talks. 

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