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19 February, 2014 20:16   ▪  

Yanukovych replaces Chief of Army

President Viktor Yanukovych fires Volodymyr Zamana, Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Headquarters, and appointed him as National Defence and Security Council Deputy Secreatary, decrees posted on his official website say

The new Chief of the Ukrainian Army Headquarters is Admiral Yuriy Ilyin, ex-Commander of the Ukrainian Navy. 

Ilyin held that post since July 2012. 

Before that, he had served as Deputy Commander of the Navy. 

"I know Volodymyr Zamana, Chief of the Headquarters and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, very well," ex-Defence Minister Anatoliy Hrytsenko wrote in a Facebook post. "This officer would never agree to turn troops into policemen who protect the government from its people rather than protect the people from an external enemy. From this day, Zamana no longer commands the Headquarters or the Army itself. A new 'chief' is needed for 'new' tasks... To prevent any divergencies from the "general line" of the ruling party and President Yanukovych as Commander-in-Chief among officers, General Zamana was appointed to a different pos rather than transferred to the reserve immediately... Formally, he is still on the 'team' but he will be removed completely later, I think," Hrytsenko wrote. 


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