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19 February, 2014 20:14   ▪  

SBU says it is not launching an “anti-terrorist operation”, just preparing for one

SBU, Ukraine’s security service, says that the statement of SBU Chief Oleksandr Yakymenko speaks of preparation for an “anti-terrorist operation”, not the launch of one, SBU press center clarifies

“We clarify that we meant preparation, not the launch of an anti-terrorist special operation,” the SBU press center explained. “This is caused by the growing escalation of violent clashes.”

Earlier, the SBU published Yakymenko’s statement saying that the SBU and the Anti-Terrorist Center launch an anti-terrorist operation on the territory of Ukraine.

“The Security Service of Ukraine and the Anti-Terrorist Center of Ukraine decided today to launch an anti-terrorist operation on the territory of Ukraine,” the statement said.

According to political analyst Taras Berezovets as quoted by the KyivPost, this means that the SBU can search, seize property, detain protesters at will without a court order or other legal safeguards; detain and interrogate anyone who they suspect of being terrorist. They can kidnap people from street and keep you in jail without notifying families for up to 72 hours. SBU officers can search property, vehicles and offices and seize property at will. Moreover, the SBU can force mobile phone and internet service providers to cease operations. With this kind of operation, they don’t need any kind of permission from courts, as they usually do, Berezovets told the KyivPost.

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