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19 February, 2014 09:44   ▪  

Yatseniuk: Yanukovych threatens to put opposition leaders in jail

President Viktor Yanukovych threatens to put opposition leaders in jail, journalist Sviatoslav Tseholko wrote on Facebook quoting Batkivshchyna leader Arseniy Yatseniuk

“Talks with Yanukovych ended nowhere, Yatseniuk informs. He is not ready to pull back troops. Opposition MPs say that Yanukovych threatened to open criminal cases against all opposition leaders. He believes that the opposition is violating previous agreements,” Tseholko wrote.

Yanukovych met for talks with opposition leaders at night of February 18-19. After the meeting, UDAR’s Vitaliy Klitschko said that the President “does not react to the situation adequately” and wants “opposition leaders to call on people on the Maidan to stop resistance and lay down arms”.

Meanwhile, law enforcers continued the storming of the Maidan all night. Oleh Musiy, head of the Maidan medical service, reported of 20 dead and nearly 500 injured protesters, while hospitals are flooded with the injured.

No statements on the recent developments have been posted on the President’s official website. 

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