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10 February, 2014 22:50   ▪  

German Foreign Minister: Ukraine will not accept suspicious compromises

The EU will work using all of its opportunities to find a political solution to the crisis in Ukraine which involves serious discussion of amendments to the Constitution, among other things, Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier says before the meeting of the EU Council of Foreign Ministers that took place in Brussels today

“There has been no desired progress in negotiations between the opposition and representatives of the President of Ukraine,” he said. “Contrary to the hope we could have had last week after the small reconciliation provided by the amnesty law, the progress did not take place last weekend.”

“The weekend rally showed that the Ukrainian people will not be satisfied with suspicious compromises. The rally also showed that playing on time which Yanukovych is trying to do again is not promising for a political decision,” Steinmeier noted. 

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He said that the EU would continue to work, using all its opportunities, to seek a political solution to the crisis in Ukraine which “involves serious discussion of amendments to the Constitution at this time and at the next stage.” 

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