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5 February, 2014 18:50   ▪  

Arseniy Yatseniuk is ready to become premier to “save the country”

Arseniy Yatseniuk, the leader of Batkivshchyna, is ready to become premier provided that the Parliament returns the 2004 Constitution and the Cabinet of Ministers is formed by the opposition, he says in an interview for Deutsche Welle

According to Yatseniuk, President Viktor Yanukovych does not want to seek solutions to the current situation.

“He wants to split the opposition by offering me the office of prime minister. What’s our plan? We are ready to take the responsibility for the country. We are ready to head the Government provided that all seats in it are taken by representatives of the opposition. We believe that, at this difficult time for my country that is taken over by the crisis, with devaluating currency, stagnation, huge unemployment and a deep political crisis, the opposition will handle the government and will be able to build bridges in the divided country. It is extremely risky. But it’s not about my political prospects, it’s about the prospects of the country. I am ready to lose my ratings to save the country,” Yatseniuk said.  

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He said that the new Cabinet should be appointed according to the procedure entailed by the 2004 Constitution. “This Cabinet should be appointed by the parliament to guarantee that it will not be for three months or three weeks. This Cabinet should be given a chance to implement real changes,” Yatseniuk noted.

President Yanukovych had offered the premier’s office to Yatseniuk but the latter rejected it. 

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