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30 January, 2014 14:07   ▪  

PACE adopts a Resolution on Ukraine

With a 2/3 majority, PACE adopts the Resolution on Ukraine in Strasbourg today

Alongside the Resolution, PACE adopts recommendations of the Council of Europe Ministers Committee.

PACE members considered 24 amendments to the Draft Resolution before adopting the document

An amendment offered by the head of the Ukrainian delegation, the Party of Regions’ Ivan Popesku, where he insisted on adding the opposition to the list of those responsible for the events taking place in Ukraine over the past two months, was rejected.

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So was the amendment sponsored by Russia representatives about recognizing Ukrainian authorities as a legitimately elected government. PACE rejected Russia’s amendment saying that Russia was not involved in the developments in Ukraine. This means that the Resolution will say that Russia exerted pressure on Ukraine. Also, PACE rejected Russia’s amendment stating that “the police was brutal to some participants of the protest, not all”.

Meanwhile, PACE supported Russia’s amendments to replace the word “radical” with “extremist” to define people involved in starting clashes in Kyiv, and to investigate injuries of law enforcers.

Another amendment to hold a referendum to impeach the president sponsored by co-rapporteurs on Ukraine was rejected.

PACE will not put Ukraine under a special monitoring regime whereby the Ministers Committee would consider the situation in Ukraine on every session.

The Draft Resolution focused on potential stripping of Ukraine of its vote in the session in April unless it stops the use of violence against EuroMaidan protesters.

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