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28 January, 2014 16:12   ▪  

Rzeczpospolita: The EU does not intend to mince its words with Russia in Brussels today

A Russia-EU summit is held in Brussels today. Ukraine will be the top priority on the agenda, Polish publication Rzeczpospolita reports

“Probably, it won't be held as if nothing has happened,” the publication writes. “Ukraine will be the main topic of the EU-Russia summit,” stated a senior EU diplomat at an informal meeting with journalists in Brussels, Rzeczpospolita reports.

“We will discuss the basis of partnership with Russia and behaviour towards our joint neighbours. There is no doubt that what is happening on the streets of Kyiv is the result of pressure which Russia put on Ukraine before the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius,” the diplomat said as reported by Rzeczpospolita.

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Vladimir Putin will meet with heads of EU institutions in Brussels, including Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, and José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission. The summit is held regularly twice a year. This year's summit should have been held in December, 2013. However, it was rescheduled due to the lack of time according to unofficial sources. Unofficial sources claim that the EU was reluctant to negotiate with Russia shortly after the Vilnius summit. As a result, the meeting was postponed, only to be held in much tenser circumstances.

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“No one in Brussels has an illusion that the meeting will lead to drastic changes in Russia's policy towards its neighbours. Likewise, no one suggests that Brussels will freeze its relations with Moscow because of it,” the author of the article suggests.

Those involved in the discussion are not going to mince their words, the EU diplomat tells Rzeczpospolita.

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