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28 January, 2014 11:20   ▪  

Prime Minister Azarov resigns

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov resigns, the official website of the Government reports

Below is the full text of the statement.

“The conflict situation in the state today threatens Ukraine’s economic and social development and is a threat to the entire Ukrainian society and every citizen.

The Government did all it could to find a peaceful solution to the conflict. We have done and are doing everything to prevent bloodshed, escalation of violence and violation of human rights. The Government has ensured that the economy and the system of social protection work in the extreme conditions.

However, the conflict has gone too acute and dangerous for our citizens and for the future of Ukraine, so it requires additional responsible steps.

In order to create additional opportunities for the socio-political compromise, for the sake of a peaceful resolution of the conflict, I have taken a personal decision to request the President of Ukraine to accept my resignation from the office of the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

All these difficult years, I have been doing everything to enable the country’s normal development as a democratic European state. I have been taking decisions and responsibility in the interests of the people of Ukraine. Therefore, I can look straight in the eyes of every Ukrainian, every compatriot.

I am grateful to the President of Ukraine for his trust. I am grateful to all people’s deputies who have supported the super-difficult work of the Government to modernize and reform the country all these years.

I am grateful to all citizens of Ukraine who have supported the Government and me personally, believed and still believe that the policy we have conducted is right.

The most important thing today is to preserve the unity and integrity of Ukraine. This is more important than anyone’s personal plans or ambitions.

Therefore, I have taken this decision.”

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