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26 January, 2014 02:21   ▪  

Opposition leaders declined a deal offered by Yanukovych

Opposition leaders declined a deal offered to them by Viktor Yanukovych during the renewed negotiations on Saturday, January 25th.

During negotiations Yanukovych offered Batkivschyna party leader Yatseniuk the position of a prime minister and UDAR party leader Klitschko position of deputy prime minister of humanitarian affairs, the statement published on the president’s website says, linking to Justice Minister Olena Lukash.

“In case he agrees for the position of the prime minister, president will take the decision to dismiss the government,” the statement says.

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However, Ukrainian opposition leaders refused to agree.

“On our demand to abolish “dictatorship laws” Yanukovych just offered to amend them. We have a clear position – to abolish these laws. We demand presidential elections this year. And we do not step back. We hold our positions on Maidan and in the regions. There are no extremists here. We are peaceful people who stand for their rights,” Klitschko said.

Yatseniuk gave his answer via Twitter. "No deal, (President Yanukovych – Ed.). We're finishing what we started. The people decide our leaders, not you."

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