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On Thursday, February 20, about 1 thousand people gathered at the Independence Square in Kyiv to honor the Heavenly Hundred. Participants of the action laid flowers near the wall of memory with portraits of the dead, and then moved to the vul. Bankivska to the President's Office. There protesters demanded punishment of security forces guilty of mass shootings. This day 6 years ago during retreat from the center of Kyiv special forces shot almost 50 rioters on the vul. Instytutska.
22 February   ▪   Stanislav Kozliuk   ▪  
On December 15, the unifying Sobor or Assembly was took place. It declared autocephaly for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, adopt the Church Charter and elect its leader. Bishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate, Metropolitan of Pereiaslav and Bila Tserkva Epifaniy (Serhiy Dumenko) has been elected head of the local Orthodox Church in Ukraine.
16 December, 2018   ▪   Stanislav Kozliuk   ▪  
Kyiv hosted a military parade on the 27th anniversary of Ukraine's independence on August 24. Some 4,500 soldiers, 250 military vehicles, and 18 units comprised of 300 foreign troops took part in the parade, which also featured women who are in Ukraine's military forces.
25 August, 2018   ▪   Hanna Chabarai   ▪  
Amour-Auguste-Louis-Joseph Berthelot, better known as baron de Baye (1853-1931), was a member of Société de Géographie, the world's oldest geographical society based in Paris. In the late 19th century, he made unique photographs of Ukrainians as he travelled across the country for an archeological expedition. Baron de Baye left behind a series of works on Ukraine, including Etudes sur l'archéologie de l'Ukraine antérieure à notre ère (1895), Kiev, la mère des villes russes (1896), En Petite-Russie: souvenirs d'une mission (1903), En Crimée (1908) and more. All of his works were published in Paris.
8 May, 2018   ▪   Tetiana Yatsechko-Blazhenko   ▪  
In the early 2014, a handful of enthusiasts from across the country dreamed of their own space in the mountains. They are now running Khata Maysternya, a vibrant art residence in Babyn, a Carpathian village near Kosiv. Set up in a renovated Hutsul home from the 1930s, the residence offers five hostel rooms, a class and art sessions room, a bathroom and idyllic mountain landscape around. This is also a place to savor authentic food cooked by the locals
20 April, 2018   ▪  
In the early 1910s, 2mn t of oil or 5% of then-global oil supply was extracted from the fields in and around Boryslav, a town in Lviv Oblast, Western Ukraine, making Halychyna province the third biggest producer of oil after the US and Russia in the world. Boryslav oil played a huge role in boosting the economy of the Polish state under whose the rule the province was. Over 1929-1936, oil extraction shrank from 511,000t to 319,000t annually. Below are the photographs of Boryslav from the 1910-1930s.Its oil industry is still operating. Experts believe that the fields underneath it contain far more stocks. Source:
16 April, 2018   ▪   Tetiana Yatsechko-Blazhenko   ▪  
Founded in 1796 by magnate Stanislaw Potocki for his wife Zofia, this arboretum is home to over 2,000 local and exotic plants, landscaping designs from the early 19th century inspired by Greek myths admired by Zofia, originally from Greece, and beautiful scenery at any time of year
3 April, 2018   ▪   Tetiana Yatsechko-Blazhenko   ▪  
Different human rights and feminist organizations marched on the International Women's Day under the slogan "Enough patience". The rally gathered nearly 1,000 participants who walked in downtown Kyiv with posters and feminist slogans protesting violence against women and advocating the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, unfair pay and other forms of discrimination. A small group of women had a counterrally with anti-feminist slogans at Mykhailivska Square
13 March, 2018   ▪   Hanna Chabarai   ▪  
Founded by the Koto-Yarmarok volunteer charity fund, the Center for Adoption of Cats opened at the animal clinic at 39, Dmytrivska St. in Kyiv in December. Rescued from the streets and treated by vets, the cats are waiting to go their new homes
28 February, 2018   ▪   Hanna Chabarai   ▪  
On February 26, the main conference to plan Ukraine-U.S. Sea Breeze 2018 drills kicked off in Odesa. The goal is to finalize the plan, agree on the scenario and exercise issues, define the forces, tools and format of the drills, do reconnaissance of the areas where the drills will take place. Participants include the navies of Ukraine and the U.S., as well as Bulgaria, UK, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Estonia, Canada, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Turkey and Sweden. The drills will involve representatives of other units from Ukraine's Armed Forces and law enforcement entities.
27 February, 2018   ▪  
These images from 150 years back feature Sokolivka, a village in Vinnytsia Oblast, Central Ukraine. They were discovered by accident at the National Museum in Warsaw. All dated 1867-1870, they show the idyllic rural landscape, homes and residents of what was then part of Podil Gubernia. They also feature a 19th-century site, the mansion of the Brzozowski family. Stanisław Brzozowski is one of Poland's most influential philosophers. Photos: Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawi (
23 February, 2018   ▪   Tetiana Yatsechko-Blazhenko   ▪  
People commemorate the 4th anniversary of the February killings of protesters on the Maidan
23 February, 2018   ▪   Hanna Chabarai   ▪  
18 October, 2013   ▪  
22 August, 2013   ▪  
The 31st festival of Lemko culture in Zhdynia, Poland - on ethnic Ukrainian territories- shared the atmosphere of love and homecoming. During three days (19-21 July 2013) Lemkos from all over the World and visitors took a journey back to the roots and enjoyed unique authentic and folk singing and dancing.
14 August, 2013   ▪  
Urban explorers open a different Odesa: a bird’s-eye view of the port city from the roof of the Opera House and tunnels, abandoned limestone mines, bomb shelters, drainage galleries and million-year old natural caves that make a twisted underground labyrinth of 3,000 km
17 July, 2013   ▪  
The Wall Street Journal gathers photos of new sites that have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List on June,23, 2013
1 July, 2013   ▪  
17 June, 2013   ▪  
14 June, 2013   ▪  
A walk through the symbols, dreams and melancholy of Sokyryntsi-Trostianets
16 May, 2013   ▪  
15 April, 2013   ▪  
1 April, 2013   ▪  
Photos: Oleksandr Chekmeniov, Denys Kazansky
15 March, 2013   ▪  
22 February, 2013   ▪  
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