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20 September, 2013

Lithuania’s Foreign Minister on EU-Ukraine Relations

Linas Linkevičius: Countries are free to choose whom they want to join. Their decision depends on arguments. When someone lacks arguments, temptation arises to use pressure and blackmailing
The interview focuses on developments in EU-Ukraine relations in regards to the pending Association agreement. According to Foreign Minister Linkevičius efforts need to be made on the side of Ukraine in three key aspects: make the necessary changes in the electoral system, speed up the reforms in the justice department and find a solution to the so-called selective justice phenomenon. The Minister reassures in saying that there is significant progress being made and that he sees this agreement strengthening ties between the Ukrainian and European Union authorities. The sign of the agreement between Ukraine and the EU should happen sooner, rather than later in the opinion of Linkevičius. Regarding possible “interference” from Russia, it is the Minister’s opinion that it is natural to have competition of ideas. In a multipolar world, countries like Ukraine have a choice.

Lénaïc Vaudin d’Imécourt is joined by Linas Linkevičius, Lithuanian Minister for Foreign Affairs, to discuss the relationship between the European Union and Ukraine (recorded on 24 July 2013) .

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