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4 July, 2011

Aggressive Standard-Bearers

Two weeks ago the police broke up a gay parade in Moscow, breaking a lesbian journalist’s arm into the bargain.

This happened in broad daylight under the walls of the Kremlin. From day one, Russian democracy or, more specifically, the authorities that emerged in the post-soviet space, have allowed everyone to march, other than sexual minorities. This time, however, the march gained much publicity, since the police was too aggressive with the participants. Of course, our local rot in the form of standard-bearers rubbed their hands and even launched an online game called “Kill the Gay”. It enjoyed great popularity. 

Those who espouse homosexual relationships irritate many people, some people experience disgust; they hate the thought of a man having sex with a man. Yuck! But, the whole world (I mean its civilized part) knows that nobody cares about your personal feelings, but tolerance towards those who are different –shows how civilized a person is. If this hasn’t occurred to you, you have no chance of remaining on good terms with society. 

However, Russia does not have such a notion as “good relations.” It is either interpreted as a link to money and services, in other words corruption, or as strict compliance with authoritarian hierarchy, expressed in the thesis “I’m the boss, you’re a fool” statement. Thanks to grandpa Lenin and his cohorts, the phenomenon of an individual was destroyed with one volley from the “Aurora” missile cruiser, which signaled the assault on the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg during the October Revolution in 1917. From that day on, any individual became a molecule, controlled by the soviet government. Having put the red Russia behind an iron curtain, the Kremlin managed to bring up several generations of people who had no idea that there was life on the other side. Soviet citizens were sated with pride in themselves and spent their free time painting posters and writing slogans, such as Long live the great soviet nation! Just like the mentally challenged, they had no enemies. Human existence was well protected by the walls of the asylum with the wonderful name - the USSR.  

Later, one of the generations suddenly got lucky: it was given something that somewhat resembled freedom. But it was too late! Noone could take advantage of it. The necessary gene, responsible for freedom, was extinct, as was historical memory. Therefore, they ended up with Stalin on the posters and Putin in their souls, Medvedev as a pimple and the tandem of Putin and Stalin as metastasis. The current Prime Minister needs power as do all short people suffering from a Napoleon complex. Only he cannot go and conquer the world as Bonaparte did – he’s living in the wrong era. Nor can he kill people in the millions like Stalin, turning half of the country into a concentration camp and another half into a mass grave. Putin has one effective model left: in order to rule Russia he must destroy it. Or make it completely powerless, which is one and the same thing. This must be done slowly, by the hands of the people themselves. 

This is where Putin was right: Russia is only powerful at first glance, but in actual fact, it is weak and sick. Another handful of viruses will kill it. Many civilizations have seen worse… Hatred is the best, most effective and destructive virus. It is capable of leveling to the ground everything that took millennia to build. Intolerance is the younger sister of hatred. Therefore, those in power began to cultivate it first of all. People must feel bad, then sooner or later, they will attack others to vent their rage, at which point, nothing will stand in the way of Putin’s long and comfortable rule. 

That is why gays are scattered, while the standard-bearers remain intact. The former are harmless, while the latter are aggressive and intolerant. The situation with skinheads is the same - they obediently serve the Putin model. And as far as corruption is concerned, if it hadn’t existed in Russia, it would have had to have been invented. Nobody can beat Russian thieves in terms of inciting class intolerance, even in people who were never prone to it.

In addition, Russia has the perfect atheistic upbringing. The top clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church led by Patriarch Kirill with his boundless ambitions, notorious speechmaker Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin with his misplaced phrase-mongering and a whole army of thieving toadies-priests… Only those who have piety deep in their souls can tell a priest from Faith. But they are the minority, while people of average spirituality have already begun to escape to atheism in the thousands.  
And that’s great, because true believers are not capable of hatred, intolerance or aggression. So, long live atheism! Or to be more accurate - the lack of faith. 

And of course, an external enemy is an absolute necessity. Soviet people are used to being surrounded by foreign enemies. Previously, the USA played this role. Today, playing lame games with the US is dangerous. But Russia cannot live without a foe. The perfect choice is Ukraine. Their language is a distorted Russian. We almost lost WWII because of their rebel Stepan Bandera. They still owe us the Crimea and to add to this, they have stolen gas, while Russians don’t have enough. To top it off, there was also the bastard Mazepa. 

Russians don’t need any more. According to surveys, Russians have already viewed Ukraine as one of their major enemies, together with the US and Georgia, for the last few consecutive years. Those polled cannot explain why they think like this, mumbling something about gas and the anti-Russian frame of mind in the neighbouring country. 

All in all, Ukraine seems to be getting too cocky. It is not listening, takes exception and has the audacity to have orange revolutions. As a punishment for this bad behaviour, Putin set up Yanukovych there.  
The main trick in this game is not to interfere. Yanukovych doesn’t even do this. Putin is capable of turning Ukraine into a small Russia all by himself, providing, of course, noone stands in the way. Then Ukraine too will have its own skinheads, standard-bearers, gay parades with sad consequences, hatred, and an army of foreign enemies. 

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