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8 November, 2021

Ukraine COVID-19 deaths hit record amid low vaccination rate

Ukraine’s health ministry has reported a one-day record of 793 deaths from COVID-19

The ministry said 25,063 new infections had been tallied over the past day; a record 27,377 were reported on Thursday.

In a bid to stem contagion, Ukrainian authorities have required teachers, government employees and other workers to get fully vaccinated by Nov. 8 or face having their salary suspended. In addition, proof of vaccination or a negative test is now required to board planes, trains and long-distance buses. Earlier this week, protesters marched in the capital of Kyiv to decry the new restrictions.

Ukraine has registered more than 3 million infection cases overall and 71,635 virus-related deaths.

Ukraine also borders Russia, which has seen new records weekly since mid-September in the number of daily COVID-19 deaths and infections.

ABC News

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