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29 June, 2020

Children's camps not to reopen until July 31

The statement comes amid the recent resurgence of COVID-19 incidence

Due to the risk of mass infection, children's health camps will not reopen until July 31, 2020, says Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov. "You just need to pay attention to those daily numbers we're seeing on coronavirus, the number of new COVID-19 cases, the number of those hospitalized every day, the number of people dying of coronavirus, and then it will be much easier to understand why we don't allow children’s health camps to reopen," the minister told a Kyiv briefing on Sunday, an UNIAN correspondent reports.

A large number of children coming from different regions of Ukraine interact with each other in recreation camps so "outbreaks of COVID-19 are possible – precisely for such reasons, because this is the massive number of children who amassed together", Stepanov said, explaining the government made a decision to ban the relaunch of children's recreation camps until July 31, 2020. As UNIAN reported, as of the morning of June 28, a total of 42,982 lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in Ukraine, including 1,129 fatalities and 18,934 recoveries. Over the past day, health officials recorded 917 new active cases.

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