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15 March, 2020

Forced isolation and work from home: Ukraine's government drafts "coronavirus" bill

Among other measures, the draft bans mass events with more than 200 participants

Minister of Health of Ukraine Ilya Yemets has introduced a bill on coronavirus, which should increase the effectiveness of government efforts to curb the spread of infection. The ministry's press service says the draft provides for:

- Streamlined procurement of goods, works, and services to prevent and combat coronavirus, which will speed up the process of purchasing personal protective equipment and test systems;

- An opportunity for employees to work from home;

- A ban on holding mass events with more than 200 participants;

- A ban on control and supervision procedures during the implementation of measures related to preventing and fighting the coronavirus;
- Strengthening border control; and

- A clear algorithm of forced isolation and self-isolation and liability for non-compliance with quarantine rules.

As reported earlier, the Ministry of Health has recommended all employers for the period of a national-wide quarantine to allow employees to work from home.




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