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27 February, 2020

Man sets himself on fire outside Ukrainian president’s office

A man set himself ablaze in Ukraine Wednesday in a shocking caught-on-camera moment outside the nation’s president’s office

Video shows the unidentified man engulfed in flames as he walks through the square outside President Volodymyr Zelensky’s official government building in Kiev.

Amid screams from onlookers, at least a dozen people raced toward the man, throwing coats on top of him to put out the flames, with others pouring bottled water on him.

The burned man — who remained fully conscious — was shown in other footage panting heavily as he was treated with a ring of security officials forming around him.

It was not immediately clear what motivated him, and he did not appear to be part of a rally by health workers taking place at the time, according to Ukraine’s UNIAN news agency.

He suffered mild burns and was taken to a hospital for examination, UNIAN said, citing the presidential press service.

Also Wednesday, a man tried to set himself on fire during protests outside the Cameroon High Commission in London, according to the Express newspaper.

Fire crews raced to the scene along with police, with no further information on the condition of the man.

It came during protests over the deaths of at least 21 civilians this month in the Cameroon village of Ngarbuh.

There was no apparent link between the two self-immolations.

New York Post

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