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18 September, 2019

Police solve resonant murder of German-based Caparol concern's Ukrainian company

The organizers and executors of the murder of a businessman were detained

Law enforcers of Kyiv region solved the murder case of Director of the Ukrainian company of the German concern Сaparol Ukraine Pavel Zmozhny. The murder was committed in 2016. The Prosecutor's Office of Kyiv region reported this.

Prosecutor's Office of Kyiv region together with the National Police of Kyiv region detained members of a criminal organization who were engaged in contract murders.

In 2016, members of the above-mentioned criminal group killed by Pavel Zmozhny.

Due to the coordinated work of law enforcement agencies and the Prosecutor's Office of Kyiv region, organizers and executors of this blatant murder of an entrepreneur were detained on September 17.

There are grounded suspicions that these persons have committed another murder in January 2019, which was also solved.

Now the investigative actions are ongoing. Measures are taken to detain all members of the criminal organization.

As it was reported earlier, Pavel Zmozhny was shot dead in Krushynka village of Vasylkiv district of Kyiv region on September 20, 2016.



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