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22 August, 2019

Ukrainian Congress Committee of America finds Russia’s return to G7 unacceptable

The organization offered Trump to see first-hand the consequences of the Russian actions by visiting Ukraine in the coming months

The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America insists on the impermissibility of return of Russia to G7 as the website of the congress stated.

“The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), the representative organization for over 1.5 million Americans of Ukrainian descent, once again strongly denounces the suggestion that Russia be allowed back into the G7,” the message said.

The committee reminded that once it condemned similar offers of President Trump in 2018. Then such idea raised the negative response of the leaders of Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, and France at the 2018 G7 summit, as well as Senators John McCain, Ben Sasse, and Chuck Schumer among other leaders in Congress.

The American lawmakers remind that G7 adopted the Hague Declaration, which states that Russia was deprived of the membership due to its actions in Ukraine. Then G7 members condemned the illegal referendum and attempt of Crimea’s annexation and warned Moscow about the consequences.

The UCCA noted that since the moment of the adoption of the declaration, Russia only exacerbated the violations continuing the disruption of the democracy in Europe.

The committee emphasized that the return of Russia to G7 is unacceptable until this country leaves the Ukrainian territory.

The organization offered Trump to see first-hand the consequences of the Russian actions by visiting Ukraine in the coming months.

French President Emmanuel Macron offered U.S. President Donald Trump to invite Russia at G7 summit in 2020. Trump supported the idea of Russia’s return on the eve of the next G7 summit, which will take place on August 24-26 in Biarritz, France.

Spokesperson of the Federal Government of Germany Steffen Seibert stated that Germany is against Russia’s comeback to the G7 Group.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also opposed the return of Russia to a number of G7 countries. 

The Russian Federation was excluded from the G8 after the annexation of Crimea in 2014.



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