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20 August, 2019

Sara Netanyahu drops conventional Ukrainian bread, prompting backlash

In Kyiv, the Prime Minister's wife was unfamiliar with the 'korovai' ceremony: "She created a scandal and embarrassment when she dropped the traditional bread, which was honored at the airport."

Following the incident, Ukrainian media ran with the story of Sarah Netanyahu throwing a piece of bread during a traditional ceremony at the Boryspil International Airport in Kyiv. Ukrainian news outlets reported that the prime minister's wife ignored the ancient custom, as she and Prime Minister Netanyahu were greeted with a traditional ceremony that included, among other things, refreshments in the middle and a round bread with a pinch of salt.

The incident occurred when Prime Minister Netanyahu took a piece of bread and then gave a piece to his wife. To the astonishment of the Ukrainian delegates, she chose not to eat the bread, and rather drop it on the ground. wrote that "on the way to Kyiv, Netanyahu's wife was furious at El Al staff and when the two arrived at the airport, another uproar broke out when that Sarah Netanyahu did not know the "korovai" custom and just dropped it on the ground."

The Jerusalem Post

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