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13 June, 2019

Ukrainian troops get close to Donetsk

The distance between Joint Forces' positions and those of Russian occupation forces in certain areas is only a few hundred meters

"King's Infantry" are equipping previously gained positions in Maryinka near Donetsk, as reported on Facebook by the press center of the Joint Forces Operation Staff. It is noted that about a month ago, the soldiers of King Danylo Separate Mechanized Brigade set up a number of observation posts in the vicinity of the town of Maryinka. Ukrainian infantrymen carried out engineering upgrading works at their positions, strengthening and developing them.

Now, in the direction toward the occupied village of Oleksandrivka, infantry units have erected full-fledged strongholds. "Thanks to the consolidation of their positions, Joint Forces' units ensure reliable control over a certain area of ​​responsibility, which is in fact, in the direct vicinity of Donetsk. The distance between Joint Forces' positions and those of Russian occupation forces in certain areas is only a few hundred meters," the HQ said. Earlier, war correspondent of Ukraina TV channel Oleksiy Kashporovsky said that the soldiers of the King Danylo 24th Separate Mechanized Brigade entrenched in their new positions in Maryinka, and now Ukrainian fighters almost completely control the city.


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