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5 April, 2019

Ukrainian troops eliminate four invaders

A Ukrainian soldier was injured as a result of the shelling

Russian occupation forces in Donbas over the past 24 hours ten times opened fire at Joint Forces' positions, including eight times with the use of weapons proscribed by the Minsk Agreements. In the zone of responsibility of the Skhid [East] Operational-Tactical Grouping, invaders fired their 122mm artillery systems, 120mm and 82mm mortars, and heavy machine guns near Lebedynske, the JFO HQ press service reported Friday morning. In the Avdiyivka area, Ukrainian positions came under fire from 120mm and 82mm mortars, grenade launchers of various types, and small arms.

Outside Pisky, terrorists fired on Ukrainian military using man-portable anti-tank grenade launchers, large-caliber machine guns, and small arms. In the Talakivka area, militants employed heavy anti-tank grenade launchers, large-caliber machine guns, and small arms. Ukrainian positions near Pavlopil were fired upon from grenade launchers of various systems, while those near Novoselivka – from an anti-tank missile system. In the zone of responsibility of the Pivnich [North] Operational-Tactical Grouping, the enemy fired 152mm artillery systems, attacking a platoon stronghold of the Joint Forces unit in the Novotoshkivske area. A Ukrainian soldier was injured in the shelling. According to intelligence data, over the past day, Ukrainian military returned fire and eliminated four invaders, injuring another two. Also, a unit of military hardware of Russian occupation forces was destroyed. From day-start on Friday, April 5, no attacks on the Ukrainian positions were recorded.


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