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14 November, 2018

Belarusian-Ukrainian border demarcation in Chornobyl zone to begin in February

Minsk and Kyiv approved a plan on border demarcation for 2018-2026 earlier this year

Belarus and Ukraine have agreed to begin demarcating their border in the Chernobyl zone in February, the Belarusian State Border Committee stated.

“At the meeting, the delegations discussed the results of the 2018 field demarcation work and agreed to start work of demarcating the border in the Chernobyl NPP [nuclear power plant] exclusion zone in February next year,” the committee said after a meeting of the joint commission in charge of the matter.

Minsk and Kyiv approved a plan on border demarcation for 2018-2026 earlier this year.

The process could be completed by 2026, the committee said.

“We set the goal of completing the demarcation by 2026, but we’ll do it sooner. We have no problems, work is going according to plan,” the committee’s head Anatoly Lappo told journalists in Minsk in October.

The total length to be demarcated is 1,084 kilometers, of which over 700 kilometers was complete and over 300 kilometers cleared as of October. A total of 3,200 signposts are to be installed; Belarus has installed around 900, the agency said.

The effort is being funded by the two countries with international technical assistance.

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