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30 October, 2018

Flow of Ukrainian workforce to Poland decreasing

According to official data, the number of Ukrainian workers in Poland was down by 7 percent over the past three years

According to ZUS data, 569 thousand worked legally in Poland in the third quarter of 2018. Foreigners pay contributions. Most of them are Ukrainians. Officially, there are 426 thousand, but the estimates assume that together with the black workers in our country over one million foreign neighbors will be. In terms of economic emigration (especially to Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia), Ukraine is seriously losing importance. According to Rzeczpospolita, according to official statistics, this country has lost 7 percent. Worker. However, they can be severely underestimated, as shown by the calculations of the International Organization for Migration. It indicates that up to 1

2 percent. Ukrainians could leave their country in search of work in Europe 

– Economic emigration to Poland is mainly economic. People want to earn more in a short time to support a family that stays in Ukraine – said Vasilij Voskoboynik, president of the Ukrainian Association for International Employment. 

Ukrainians choose our country because of proximity, similar culture, lower barrier language and above all due to high revenue. The average salary in Ukraine is 7,000. Hryvnia monthly. It is less than 1,000. zł. For comparison: 60 percent. Employees from Ukraine in Poland receive 2,5-3,5 thousand PLN Ukrainians work every Friday for a Polish company, and every sixth plans to recruit them within the next year. Despite the large influx of workers from the East, there are around 165,000 unemployed in the labor market. People. 

Meanwhile, if Germany opens its labor market to people outside the European Union at the beginning of next year, the labor shortage could increase even further. Work Service has conducted a survey showing that Poland can leave up to 59 percent. Cooperation with us Ukrainians 

– This is a big threat to the Polish economy. Within two or three months, the staff shortage would have grown to 165,000. over 0.5 million vacancies. This would also lead to enormous wage pressure and lead to a decline in the competitiveness of our companies – says Krzysztof Inglot, Head of Personnel Services. 


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