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27 October, 2018

Ukrainian Banda ad agency named best in 2018 by Red Dot Award

Ukrainian advertising agency Banda is the agency of the year, according to the prestigious Red Dot design award

“The Red Dot: Agency of the Year” is an honorary title that pays tribute to an agency that has demonstrated design achievement.

“The creatives from Ukraine are the Red Dot: Agency of the Year 2018. Congratulation to the entire team on their well-deserved success!” the award announced on Twitter. 

Banda Agency also won the Red Dot Grand Prix award for their brand design for OKKO, Ukrainian chain of service stations. 

“To create a prominent design in a category so removed from design as fuel stations is a real challenge,” Pavel Vrzhesch, Banda’s creative director told the Village Ukraine. “That’s why the jury praised this work so highly.”

Banda Agency won the Red Dot Grand Prix award for their brand design for OKKO, Ukrainian chain of service stations. It includes design for products sold at OKKO, such as these spray cleaners. (Red Dot)

The ultimate winners this year were announced at the Red Dot Gala in Berlin on Oct. 26. In August, Red Dot announced most of the winning projects, 16 of which were Ukrainian. Banda Agency’s designs received seven awards, including the “Ukraine Now” national brand.

Last year Banda Agency also received the Red Dot Grand Prix jointly with the Ukrainian Republique design studio for their Eurovision Song Contest 2017 rebranding.

The Red Dot Award is an international product and communication design prize awarded by Nordrhein Westfalen Design Center in Essen, Germany since 1955.


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