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11 August, 2018

The scene with odious politician Medvedchuk ultimately will be in the film about Ukrainian dissident

The director of the film "Stus" has decided to bring back the scene with politically fringe figure

All references to Stus`s lawyer Viktor Medvedchuk were deleted from the script of the film "Stus" (as was announced by an actor from the film cast), which should be screened in 2019. Medvedchuk defended Stus (famous Ukrainian writer and dissident) during the trial in 1980 and later became (and still is) an influential figure in Ukrainian politics. Ukrainian media inform that Medvedchuk has pro-Russian views and is a close friend of Putin.

According to Roman Brovko, director of the film, the scene with Viktor Medvedchuk was removed at the request of Vasyl's son Dmytro Stus, Director of Taras Shevchenko National Museum.

However, according to the media, scenes were cut due to a call by Medvedchuk`s representative.

But recently the film group has stated that they plan to bring back the aforementioned scene because of social uproar.

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