12 paratroopers killed in Donetsk Oblast

20 June 2014, 12:16

“The fighting continues. The headquarters will report on the developments. The headquarters of national protection also coordinates delivery of the injured to hospitals in adjacent oblasts and involves volunteers to provide first aid to those who heroically protect the territory of Ukraine from Russian aggressors,” the message says.  


The fighting is ongoing in the village of Zakotne near Krasnyi Lyman, a town in Donetsk Oblast. The situation is aggravated by the presence of civilians in the area of the operation.

Early on June 20, the Anti-Terrorist Operation headquarters said Ukrainian military lost 7 men over the past 24 hours in fighting in Donetsk Oblast. 30 were injured. On June 19, a commander of the National Guard section was reportedly killed near Zakotne, Donetsk Oblast.  


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