Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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The energy sector was always the sore spot that Russia hit every time Ukraine went “too far” in exercising its independence. And the Kremlin was always able to bring the “unruly” Ukrainians into line again. This is how it was, but now things have changed: Ukrainians are no longer afraid of pain and have a chance to fundamentally reform the energy sector in the interests of society. The Ukrainian Week talks to Mykhailo Honchar, one of the few Ukrainian experts who view this sector from the standpoint of Ukrainian society and national security rather than personal gain
April 4, Lyubomyr Shavalyuk, 0
“People often come to museums in the Netherlands. Just to hide away from the rain,” Yulia Lytvynets, Chief Custodian of Ukraine’s National Art Museum, says. The recent revolutionary events changed the angle from which her museum’s staff approached preserving the collection and the museum building and building horizontal relationships between museums and individuals.
April 3, Hanna Trehub, 0
Renowned gallery-owner and musician talks about on ways to prevent people turning into titushkas, consolidation of artists and futility of fascist methods in culture.
April 2, Bohdan Butkevych, 0
By plunging Russia into a full-scale confrontation with the West to boost his own popularity ratings Vladimir Putin may be preparing his country for another sobering shock from the defeat in a conflict with the entire world
April 1, Oleksandr Kramar, 0
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