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Спецтема: Soviet Heritage
29 January, 2014
William Browder: Many people in London or Geneva have blood on their hands from handling blood money from former Soviet states
William Browder, the Founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, turned campaigner and began to wage war for justice after one of his lawyers, Sergei Magnitsky, was killed in a Moscow prison.
20 September, 2013
Francis Fukuyama on middle class, trust for the state and the end of history
"Not all countries will become successful democracies. But I still think of liberal democracy as the only serious alternative"
21 August, 2013
A Road Map for Economic De-Sovietization
A profound reboot of Ukraine’s socio-economic system is the only way to transform it from an uncompetitive Soviet fragment to a modern dynamic economy
17 May, 2013
Captive to the Great Lie
Why are Batkivshchyna and UDAR leaders celebrating a Ukrainian tragedy?
30 April, 2013
A Difficult Return
To regain its status as a natural part of Europe, Ukraine needs to break free from Russian and Soviet colonial heritage
30 April, 2013
Compromise or Capitulation?
Ukrainian-European or the Soviet-Russian civilizational model will win out: with the former, Ukraine will quickly catch up with its Western neighbours. With the latter, it will likely cease to exist
29 April, 2013
Estonia: Restoration Meant No to a Soviet Legacy
Estonians took radical action to get rid from the Soviet legal system and laid the foundation for the rule of law, with a clear separation of powers and an independent judiciary.
14 March, 2013
Does a “Sorry” Make Sense?
Apologising for past events in history has become an explosive issue around the world. Should statesmen take personal responsibility for events that happened long before they were born?
22 February, 2013
Political Madness
Dutch Sovietologist Robert van Voren speaks about Soviet repressive psychiatry and its surviving offshoots
3 May, 2012
A Battle For the Past
Jerzy Eisler talks about the role of history in contemporary Poland and the country's experience with de-sovietization
5 February, 2012
Grutas Park: a Social Realism Museum
4 February, 2012
Grutas Park: a Social Realism Museum Attracts 100,000 Visitors a Year
Village Grutas is located near the small Lithuanian resort town Druskininkai. The village’s name evokes a range of emotions – from outrage to satirical smiles – but leaves no-one in Lithuania indifferent. The reason — its unusual open-air museum, Grutas Park, where the key exhibits are the sculptures of Soviet leaders that long "decorated" squares in Lithuanian cities. These are the monuments in front of which both rallies were held and pioneers took their oaths
16 January, 2012
Running Away From Communism
Ronaldas Racinkas, who is tasked with providing a legal assessment of the crimes committed by totalitarian regimes against Lithuanians, speaks on his country’s successes and its failures in saying goodbye to its Soviet legacy
16 January, 2012
So, There Was an Occupation, But No-one Did the Occupying?
The Occupation Museum of Latvia is a reflection of the country’s historical contradictions
10 January, 2012
“Fun” Occupation
Estonia established a museum with a good sense of humor, evidently to attract more Russians
26 October, 2011
House of Terror
A museum by this name opened in Budapest in 2002 to tell about two tragic periods in Hungarian history – the repressive rules of the Nazis and of the Soviets
19 October, 2011
Excursion to Hell
Eugenijus Peikštenis, director of the Museum of Genocide Victims, speaks about how the taboo history of Soviet repressions came to light
19 October, 2011
Museum In KGB Prison
Lithuanian authorities set up the Museum of Genocide Victims in a building once occupied by the KGB
3 October, 2011
Mshvidobit*, USSR!
The Museum of Soviet Occupation in Georgia is a monument to the nation's critical reappraisal and rejection of is Soviet past
23 September, 2011
Overcoming Nihilism
Why an American decided to set up a Museum of Communism in the Czech Republic
2 February, 2011
Soviet Heritage
30 December, 2010
USSR Is Back
In 2011, Ukraine will in many ways look like the USSR at the time of stagnation
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