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28 September, 2011  ▪  The Ukrainian Week

The Ukrainian Week Received Award from Reporters d'Espoirs

On September 28 2011 Inna Zavhorodnia, a reporter with The Ukrainian Week, won the 2nd All-Ukrainian Reporters d'Espoirs (Reporters of Hope) contest in Ukraine. Her article ECO Eats won the first prize in the Economy nomination.

Other winners include Tetiana Kyrpa from Hryvna, a Kherson-based publication, in Society; and Oksana Senyshyn from Lux, a Lviv TV and radio company, in Culture. The first prize in Religion went to Iryna Matvienko from the VitaGraf TV studio in Kyiv.

Anastasia Melnychenko and Yuriy Raikhel, two more The Ukrainian Week journalists, were among the finalists.

A total of 800 articles from all over Ukraine, including over 250 pieces submitted by journalists directly, were entered in the contest. Over the course of the year, students of the Master’s Programme for Ecumenical Studies monitored Ukrainian media and selected 600 more pieces. Each contest piece was evaluated over three stages and broken into nominations with 13 articles in Society, 11 in Culture, 10 in Religion and 11 in Economy.

The contest was held by the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at the Ukrainian Catholic University supported by the Reporters d'Espoirs (Reporters of Hope).

Reporters of Hope in Ukraine is a contest for the best article, cover or programme qualified as “a solution carrying information” which presents issues that are important for modern society, gives specific answers to them, shows ways to solve problems and encourages people to act.

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