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5 November, 2012

ENEMO Observation Mission

ENEMO calls on authorities to preserve the will of voters at the tabulation process

ENEMO mission continues to observe the post-electoral period, in particular the tabulation of results in District Election Commissions (DECs). ENEMO observers registered an alarming number of violations and irregularities, especially in highly competitive single mandate districts.

Observers are reporting cases where the law enforcement agencies and unknown persons stopped the functioning of DECs, spoiled ballot papers, illegal withdrew protocols of Precinct Election Commissions (PECs), prevented and impeded the ordinary work of commissioners. Multiple sources are claiming mismatches between protocols filled out at PECs and results published at the website of Central Election Commission (CEC).

Incidents are occurring mostly in single-mandate constituencies where the difference between oppositional and pro-governmental candidates is very narrow such as in districts #211 and #223 (Kyiv City), #95 (Kyiv oblast), #132 (Mykolaiv oblast), #20 and #21 (Volyn oblast), #11 and #14 (Vinnytsia oblast) and #189 (Khmelnitsky oblast). Limited access of journalists and proxies to tabulation rooms raises large concerns about the transparency of DEC activities and validity of result tabulations in those constituencies.

ENEMO calls on authorities and courts to comply with the law and preserve the will of the voters as to reflect it correctly at the tabulation process. Furthermore, ENEMO strongly urges law enforcement bodies to investigate impartially and to prosecute persons responsible for violations and fraud during the tabulation process.

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