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American post-modernist writer on politics and war, humanistic values and a balance between emotions and rational thinking
23 June   ▪   Joseph McElroy
New York University Professor about the impact of social media on the political behavior of citizens, their involvement in protest movements, and ways in which Twitter and Facebook have changed the specifics of the race in the US and European countries
14 June   ▪   Joshua Tucker
Ex-Deputy Prosecutor General on the case of the diamond prosecutors, the threat to reforms, and why the establishment of an anti-corruption court will not heal Ukraine’s judiciary
8 June   ▪   Vitaliy Kasko
IMF First Deputy Managing Director on the details and prospects of the IMF’s cooperation with Ukraine
26 May   ▪   David Lipton
Co-Head of Ukraine-NATO Interparliamentary Council on the current state of dialogue between the Alliance and Ukraine, the future of the Euro-Atlantic security system and the Russian propaganda
26 May   ▪   Raynell Andreychuk
What is it for the modern Ukraine?
9 May   ▪   Yuriy Makarov
Globalisation and interdependence until recently have been seen as the guarantors of peace and cooperation. These have turned out to be the source of conflicts and the instruments of pressure
31 March   ▪   Piotr Buras
Poland’s Ambassador to Ukraine on the vision of the European Union, the evolution of his country's role and place in it, and Polish-Ukrainian relations
31 March   ▪   Jan Pieklo
Deputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine spoke to The Ukrainian Week about current priorities and obstacles faced by the SMM in its work on the ground
17 March   ▪   Alexander Hug
NBU Deputy Chairman on the quality of changes in the banking system and the new prospects they open for Ukraine
2 March   ▪   Dmytro Solohub
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