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10 October, 2013 15:55   ▪  

EP Committee on Foreign Affairs recommends signing the Association Agreement if Ukraine meets all EU requirements

The European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs approved the report saying that the EU should sign the Association Agreement at the Vilnius Summit in November and start temporary enactment immediately if Ukraine meets the necessary conditions.

According to the European People’s Party (EPP) press-service in Brussels, the report prepared by Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, Vice-Chairman of the EURONEST Parliamentary Assembly and MEP, focused on the eastern aspect of the European Neighbourhood Policy. It was passed on October 10 in Strasburg at the meeting of the Committee on Foreign Affairs.  

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The report will be submitted for voting at the European Parliament at the upcoming session.

The report also recommends the European Parliament to express an intention to launch full ratification of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement within the framework of the current conditions.

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“The situation is not good but not hopeless either… The Vilnius Summit will not be the end of the process, just the beginning… The Association Agreements are not a goal themselves but a tool of a profound transformation. More importantly is what happens afterwards: and that means what happens with the implementation of the Agreements, what will happen with countries which will initial the Agreements and those who are in the second speed group: Belarus, Armenia and Azerbaijan,” Saryusz-Wolski commented on the report.

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