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24 September, 2013 23:51   ▪  

Visa regime may be simplified after signing of the Association Agreement

Polish foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski believes that the simplification of the visa regime with Ukraine is possible after the signing of the Association Agreement, - Visa-Free Europe reports.

“We hope the simplification of visa regime to become the next step. The largest number of Polish consulates in Europe is located in Ukraine. At the same time, a half of all Schengen visas, which Poland gives, is issued to your state,” he said.

He spoke positively about the prospects of Ukraine in the European Economic Space, but noted that our country will also have to face a number of difficulties, Visa-Free Europe reports.

“Customs borders will open, and Ukraine will have to face many difficulties in the short term. It will hit the country’s budget. But it also means that your state will have more opportunities to export products to Europe,” Sikorski said. In addition, he noted that trade liberalization may not please many owners of monopolies.

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