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15 July, 2013 18:13   ▪  

Russian citizen is taken off the train and announced persona non grata for participation in protests in Ukraine

Yuriy Barabash, a Russian citizen, photographer and designer at the Kyiv-based Tempora publishing house, claims that border patrol took him off the train and banned entrance to Ukraine today upon instruction of the SBU, Ukraine’s special service.

“I was going from Russia to Ukraine today. The patrol checked my documents at the Khutir-Mykhailivskyi control point and let me go. In Konotop, the border patrol told me that I can’t enter Ukraine. They brought me back to Khutir-Mykhailivskyi and explained that the SBU banned my entrance to Ukraine,” he comments. 

He says he has no idea why this happened. “Border patrol says they got the instruction from the SBU with no explanation,” Yuriy says. “Perhaps, the ban is because I go to various opposition protests too often, but what surprises me is that nobody had summoned me to the SBU before. And now they banned entrance for me, just like that. I had been arrested at a rally for the Orange Revolution anniversary for disobedience to the police and crossing of the road in the wrong place, but that was an administrative fine which I paid and was released,” Yuriy expands. 


Yuriy is currently at Khutir-Mykhailivskyi. “Border officers tell me that they will put me on a train to Briansk and I can get to Moscow from there. Then, I’ll have to find out the reasons through the Embassy of Ukraine in Moscow and think what I should do next. There is no way to find any information here,” he adds. According to Barabash, his ban on entrance to Ukraine is until 2018.

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