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18 April, 2013 12:00   ▪  

European Parliament approves EU visa facilitation agreement with Ukraine

Ukrainian journalists, civil society representatives, NGOs and young people will find it easier to get short-stay visas for trips to the EU thanks to visa deals backed by EP on Thursday, says the statement of the institution.

“The amended visa facilitation agreements between the EU and Ukraine and Moldova build on the successes of the original agreements, in force since 2008, and offer improvements for citizens from both countries. The aim is to facilitate short-stay visas for visits of up to a total of 90 days, calculated over a period of 180 days,” says the statement.

According to the information, the amended EU-Ukraine visa facilitation agreement simplifies requirements for documents proving the purpose of the journey for a wider category of applicants, including representatives of civil society organisations, journalists and their technical crews, members of professions participating in international exhibitions, conferences and seminars.

“It abolishes a €70 visa fee for the same categories of individual, clarifies provisions on the duration of multiple-entry visas and includes an exemption from the visa requirement for short stays for Ukrainians who hold biometric passports issued to government officials,” adds the statement. 

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