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These images from 150 years back feature Sokolivka, a village in Vinnytsia Oblast, Central Ukraine. They were discovered by accident at the National Museum in Warsaw. All dated 1867-1870, they show the idyllic rural landscape, homes and residents of what was then part of Podil Gubernia. They also feature a 19th-century site, the mansion of the Brzozowski family. Stanisław Brzozowski is one of Poland's most influential philosophers. Photos: Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawi (
yesterday   ▪   Tetiana Yatsechko-Blazhenko   ▪  
People commemorate the 4th anniversary of the February killings of protesters on the Maidan
yesterday   ▪   Hanna Chabarai   ▪  
18 October, 2013   ▪  
22 August, 2013   ▪  
The 31st festival of Lemko culture in Zhdynia, Poland - on ethnic Ukrainian territories- shared the atmosphere of love and homecoming. During three days (19-21 July 2013) Lemkos from all over the World and visitors took a journey back to the roots and enjoyed unique authentic and folk singing and dancing.
14 August, 2013   ▪  
Urban explorers open a different Odesa: a bird’s-eye view of the port city from the roof of the Opera House and tunnels, abandoned limestone mines, bomb shelters, drainage galleries and million-year old natural caves that make a twisted underground labyrinth of 3,000 km
17 July, 2013   ▪  
The Wall Street Journal gathers photos of new sites that have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List on June,23, 2013
1 July, 2013   ▪  
17 June, 2013   ▪  
14 June, 2013   ▪  
A walk through the symbols, dreams and melancholy of Sokyryntsi-Trostianets
16 May, 2013   ▪  
15 April, 2013   ▪  
1 April, 2013   ▪  
Photos: Oleksandr Chekmeniov, Denys Kazansky
15 March, 2013   ▪  
22 February, 2013   ▪  
A non-exhaustive list of Ukrainian top officials closely linked to Russian at some point in their careers
22 January, 2013   ▪  
Photos: Oleksandr Zinchenko
21 January, 2013   ▪  
Photo: Natalia Kommodova
12 December, 2012   ▪  
Photo: Alla Lazareva
23 November, 2012   ▪  
15 November, 2012   ▪  
1 November, 2012   ▪  
1 November, 2012   ▪  
23 October, 2012   ▪  
26 September, 2012   ▪  
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The shambolic renovation of the Central Electoral Commission, which has been in progress for several years now, looks about to be finally concluded. On Feb. 5, the President submitted a list of candidates to the Verkhovna Rada and this suggests that the process is finally being unblocked
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Important aspects of the new Deoccupation Law
21 February, Volodymyr Vasylenko,
Who is fighting against Ukrainian military in Donbas
21 February, Yuriy Lapayev,
Why migration from Ukraine rises and won’t stop any time soon
14 February, Maksym Vikhrov,
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