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22 June, 2012  ▪  Anna Kalenska

Painting the City

Street art becomes make-up for Ukrainian streets
Gallery: Street art in Ukraine (photos: 10)
A painting by Interesni Kazky, Ukrainian street art group, on a building next to the Industrial Bridge in Kyiv. Kyiv-based activists Iryna Bondarenko and Olesia Arkhypchuk launched a campaign called Let`s Make Amsterdam in a Kyiv Backyard. With volunteers who met through a Facebook page, they painted fences and doors, planted flowers and made a parking lot for bicycles next to a building in Nyvky district in Kyiv. As word of the project has spread, more and more people have been asking them to decorate their buildings and courtyards Graffiti painting on average building in one of the Ukrainian cities Graffiti painting on average building in one of the Ukrainian cities

A few creative ideas can make boring, identical, urban buildings bright and attractive and neglected backyards nice and comfortable. Ukrainian professional and amateur graffiti artists and painters are turning grey “sleeping districts” into art galleries. 

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